Book Cabin Crew Accommodation: 4 Bonehead Mistakes Many Make

Heathrow crew accommodation

Booking cabin crew accommodation is no rocket science. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t any room to make mistakes. In fact, many people make some rather common blunders that not only cost them big but also put their lives in danger.

How do you book crew accommodation near Heathrow or anywhere for that matter?

Here are 4 bonehead blunders many make:

1.  Last-Minute Booking

Much like everything, booking cabin crew housing at the last minute would cost you more. So never book your accommodation in the last minute. Plan things well in advance!

2.  Not Factoring Transport Links

The place where you’re staying must have a good transport link with the airport and rest of the city. In fact, you should always look for an accommodation that’s near the airport for higher convenience and to avoid transportation hassle.

3.  Overlook Security Threats

At a time when violence is increasing and topic of personal safety is in red-hot debate, it is crucial to factor the security of the place where you’re going to stay. How safe is the locality? What kind of people lives there? How good is the law situation there? Make sure Heathrow crew accommodation is completely secure.

4.  Looking For The Cheapest Accommodation

Quality and price always come with a tradeoff. You can’t get the perfect accommodation when you’re planning to spend just pennies. So don’t look for the cheapest facility. Have an adequate budget. But also understand the difference between right budget and extravagance.

These are 4 simple mistakes that many people make when booking cabin crew accommodations. Fix these wrongs and enjoy a satisfying and safe stay in your hectic life.

Book Cabin Crew Accommodation: 4 Bonehead Mistakes Many Make

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